Generous restauranteurs have made massive food donations to frontline NHS staff at Crosshouse.

Gordon Chan, from Irvine, cooked up over 90 meals across two days for workers in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The owner of the Panda House restaurant in Troon wanted to feed the brave nurses, doctors and auxiliaries before closing.

Lynsey Kellington, a nursing assistant, said: “Just now it is emotionally and mentally draining at the hospital.

“So not having to think about planning food for 12 hour shifts is a great relief.”

Mr Chan said: “I’ve worked at the Panda House for 25 years, it was my parents’ shop, and we feel like part of the community.

“We just wanted to help. To say thank you for everything they’ve done; putting their lives at risk to protect us and the whole nation.

“The NHS deserve it more than anybody at this time. They’re on the frontline, it’s important to keep their spirits up.”

On Thursday, March 19, and Monday, March 23, Mr Chan delivered the food packages to the ICU.

He had donated so much that they were able to share it with other wards.

Staff went around all the wards to dish out the food.

Mr Chan’s isn’t the only donation the hospital has received.

Vanilla Joe’s, in Irvine, made a massive food donation of 2,500 tubs of ice cream.

The dessert emporium gave so much that a consultant travelled around the wards playing a jingle and handing out the treats.

Lynsey said: “It’s just amazing, wee treats.

“You definitely get a sense of the appreciation people feel.”

One doctor’s family who started a foodbank has also been feeding those on the coronavirus frontline.

The Sikh Food Bank made a delicious donation, providing meals for the hardworking staff on the ICU.

A spokeperson for the food bank said: “A huge thank you to our wonderful NHS staff working day and night to save lives.”

Lynsey said: “It’s great everyone appreciates it, you do feel everyone is behind you.

“But we do this on a daily basis anyway.

“The sickest of the sick come in whether its coronavirus or not.”