An Irvine cafe worker is seeking reassurance that her customer is okay.

Morgyn McCulloch, who works at Puffers Café in the Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine is seeking a customer she knows only as Tom.

Tom would go to Puffers every day for his lunch and would be served by Morgyn, who was delighted to listen to Tom’s tales of his time at war and more generally what he had been up to that day.

Tom, who Morgyn described as an elderly gentleman with glasses and a wee bunnet hat often had a camera with him and was known to take many photos of the harbour and the café.

Morgyn wants to find out if anybody knows Tom and is if he’s ok as she’s worried about her regular in the wake of everything that is going on. She said: “I just want to make sure our Tom is doing good through this time or if he needs anything. I know he has a son that he’s mentioned before, but every little helps! I spoke to Tom everyday and would love to hear him doing good and safe.”

If you know Tom and are able to pass on Morgyn’s regards do please let him know. Or contact us at