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There are now 199 patients in Ayrshire and Arran with coronavirus.

Over the last 24 hours, 22 more people have tested positive for COVID-19.

Today, there are 2,310 cases in Scotland, an increase of 317 since yesterday.

The specific location of these cases is not released due to patient confidentiality.

Sadly, there have been 16 more deaths, bringing the total to 76.

Across the UK, 2,352 people have died having tested positive.

There are 147 people in intensive care.

Nicola Sturgeon said the government is working to quadruple intensive care capacity.

She said: “We are at the stage where we expected to be, where the  numbers are rising rapidly.”

Ms Sturgeon said she had close family members working on the frontline and she knows how worrying that is.

Regarding the lockdown measures of the last week, the First Minister said it is too early to draw any firm conclusions as to their impact yet.

Health Secretary Jeane Freeman, MSP for Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley, said that work is continuing to direct supplies of PPE to those woring in health and social care jobs where it is required.

Ms Freeman also confirmed that 1,100 people are currently in hospital who are clinically able to leave but unable to do so for other reasons.

On the subject of testing for the virus, Ms Sturgeon said the Scottish Government is working towards being able to run 3,500 test in total per day, by the end of April.

Ms Freeman added: "The numbers we are seeing we know is an underestimation of the prevalence of the virus in the community."

The new figures were announced during the session at Holyrood this afternoon followind the first debate of the emergency coronavirus legislation.

A provision to allow solemn trials to proceed without juries was removed from the bill following significant backlash.

Amendments and a vote of the emergency legislation will take place this afternoon.

Irvine Times: Updated coronavirus numbers April 1.Updated coronavirus numbers April 1.