Local fitness club Curves in Irvine has created a challenge for members to complete 5k every day in May to raise money for the NHS.

The challenge has now gone UK-wide with 560 females from Curves groups across the UK participating and a milestone £3,000 raised for the NHS so far.

Members are encouraged to complete 5k or walk 5,000 steps a day to thank NHS staff for their hard work on the frontline of coronavirus, with staff volunteering their time to take part, too.

Natalie Mackinnon, club manager, said: “We set our Irvine members the challenge to complete 5km a day or 5,000 steps a day depending on their circumstances.

“Before we knew it Curves clubs across the UK were getting involved. The aim is to raise funds for the NHS so we started off with an initial target of £500 and now we’ve hit £3,000 just one week into the challenge.”

Natalie said she, along with club owner Siobhan Kavanagh, were moved by the current crisis and wanted to do their bit to help while keeping their members motivated.

Natalie said: “A lot of our members, coaches and loved ones work for the NHS so we thought they deserved recognition for what they’re doing.

“A lot of members have been walking, running, cycling and have even gotten their kids involved. We set up a Facebook group where members can post selfies and record the distance they cover every day.

“We’re creating a community within a community which is great.”

Member Jac Harrow said:“The amazing team who came up with the fab idea are just the most motivating bunch of girls.

“Not only are we raising money for a brilliant cause, it’s encouraging us all to get out and about, keep fit and keep us mentally strong in these challenging times.”

Megan Padley, member, said: “The Curves 5k a day for May challenge has helped me massively. It gives me something to work towards and a reason to get out the house everyday.

“Knowing that all our donations are going to something as amazing as the NHS gives me the extra drive.

“Everything they do especially at a time like this is truly amazing and they are genuine life savers.”

Natalie said: “It’s an uplifting environment to be in which is especially important at a time when we’re not seeing others.

“Hopefully the club can come back stronger than before having played a key role in supporting the community.”


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