AN IRVINE woman was released on bail after facing charges of allegedly assaulting her partner and launching into an attack on four cops.

Nicole Jeffrey, 24, appeared from custody last Monday [May 4] after her arrest for alleged involvement in a disturbance at the address at Broomlands Drive on Sunday, May 3.

Ms Jeffrey pled not guilty to seven charges including assault, allegedly attacking four police officers and two charges of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner – with two aggravated by involving alleged abuse of a partner.

The court ruled she could not return to the address or contact her partner while awaiting further legal proceedings.

Court papers allege she caused fear and alarm by shouting and swearing at her partner in the address, before seizing hold of his clothing, causing it to tear, before repeatedly scratching him over his body to his injury.

She faced another charge of shouting and swearing at police, before allegedly assaulting one female constable by spitting at her head and trying to seize her neck.

She is accused of then repeatedly striking another female constable over her body with her hands, scratching her, spitting on her head, seizing her by clothing, pulling her and causing her to fall down to her injury.

She is also accused of punching a third female officer on the head and allegedly kicking a male police constable on the body.

The Procurator Fiscal requested special bail conditions that the she does not return to the address and that she not contact the complainer, citing the alleged ‘volatile behaviour’.

Ms Jeffrey’s defence solicitor said her client had ‘never been in any trouble before in the courts’ and would stay at her mother’s home, adding that the complainer, her partner, did not insist on the conditions.

However Sheriff Higgins reminded Ms Jeffrey that she ‘cannot even go there if invited’ before granting her bail.

She will return to Kilmarnock Sheriff Court to face the allegations later in the year.


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