AN IRVINE woman’s attempt to make a mask from an old sock with hilarious results has gone viral.

Carolann Hitchell, 58, shared a video with her niece of herself donning the make-shift face covering which she had hoped would offer some protection against COVID-19.

Unfortunately, the heel of the old sock ends up in Carolann’s mouth and hilarity ensues, with the grandmother left in hysterics at herself.

Carolann’s niece, Helen Campagna, 35, also from Irvine, said: “I couldn’t stop laughing. It was hilarious.

“I told her it was too funny not to share.”

Irvine Times:

At the start of the video, Carolann says: “Helen, I need to show you this because I can’t stop laughing and I know you’ll appreciate it.”

Then, between fits of laughter, she explains she was trying to follow the trend of people turning household items into face coverings.

The overall effect is that Carolann ends up looking like a glove puppet.

She said: “So glad I could cheer you all up. I was having a really bad day until I done this and looked in the mirror.

“Then I couldn’t stop laughing. Thank you everyone. Keep smiling. Stay strong.”

The grandmother of four said she would have removed the video but she has had so many messages from people all over the world thanking her for cheering them up at this awful time.

One message said: “Greetings from the Netherlands.

“Thanks again for making me smile. When I’m feeling down and blue, I only need to look at you.”

Ms Hitchell said: “It wasn’t meant for social media, only for Helen who has a wicked sense of humour.”

Having been stuck at home for seven weeks, Carolann is missing her granddaughters but has been keeping in touch with video calls.

Her niece, who posted the video to social media app TikTok, said: “I think my Auntie’s laugh makes the video so funny.

“The fact that is laughing at herself is hilarious and she had no idea just how funny it was.

“I have received a lot of messages from people that have said it really cheered them up or they haven’t laughed like that for a while.

“So it’s just amazing to know that something so unintentional could make so many people laugh.”


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