AYRSHIRE intensive care unit admissions due to COVID-19 have dropped below five - as Nicola Sturgeon reveals majority of Scots back lockdown meaures. 

There are now 964 confirmed cases of COVID-19 across Ayrshire and Arran since the pandemic started.

There are currently 42 people being treated in hospital, an increase of one, with fewer than five patients in intensive care. 

Another 28 tragic deaths were recorded as of Sunday, May 10 now totalling 220 - with 98 of these in care homes, 103 in hospitals and 19 either at home or elsewhere.

In North Ayrshire 75 people have died, with 61 deaths in East Ayrshire and 84 in South Ayrshire.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed today that 14,260 people have tested positive for Covid-19, an increase of 143 from yesterday.

1,449 patients, down 31 are in hospital with either a confirmed 1,066 or suspected 383 case, with 71 being treated in intensive care, meaning there have been no extra admissions to ICU since yesterday. 

3,290 people have been discharged from hospital after receiving treatment for the virus since 5 March.

A further 46 people who tested positive have died, taking the total to 2,053 deaths in Scotland by that measure.

The First Minister also revealed that a poll taken by the Scottish Government has shown strong support in lockdown measures continuing to prevent a second wave of the virus. 

Sharing the results of an opinion poll, she says it shows Scots are backing the strict guidelines. 

Nicola Sturgeon confirmed, 84 per cent agree with a slow and gradual lifiting of restrictions, 82 per cent agree that further significant changes are brought in after the impact of those already introduced are assessed, and 86 per cent of people polled agree that decisions must be based on saving lives and protecting the NHS.

And she thanked the huge backing of the governments stategy, as she vowed that Scotland will continue to "err on the side of caution" when it comes to coronavirus. 

Ms Sturgeon said: "The way in which we save lives, and emerge from this lockdown is by sticking now with the current guidelines. 

"Those measures are essential for now. They are making a difference. The statistics I provide each day, all be it difficult statistics show we are protecting the NHS, and that we are saving lives."