An IRVINE man has been left frustrated and concerned after watching contractors carry out work on a footbridge without following social-distancing guidelines.

Alfie Valentine, who lives in a high rise flat overlooking the Rivergate Shopping Centre, said seeing the work – which the council said was essential – being carried out was unfair because he wants nothing more than to go back to work.

He told the Times: “It’s making me feel a little bit jealous that they are able to work, without any protection and in close contact with each other, and I’m not allowed.

“It’s just not fair.”

In a video posted to social media, workers can be seen carrying a heavy load together up the ramp to the footbridge.

Alfie has no interest in getting the workers into trouble. Instead he wanted to use what he saw to ask why the rest of the community can’t go back to work.

He said: “I think it’s time we are having serious conversation on how to get back to work.

“I’ve spent the last 10 years working in the best hotels and resorts in this country, and speaking to my network of friends in the industry, it’s well known that our work will be the last to be lifted.”

From his flat in the high-rise, Alfie said he has a birds-eye view of everything.

He said: “Lockdown is not lockdown in this part of Irvine.

“The main road gets busier each day.

“Many groups of people, shops open, police walking with each other, elderly struggling home with shopping, workers going to work.

“And I have to sit here night and day watching the world move along without me.”

The Rivergate shopping centre is currently only partially-open due to lockdown measures.

But a source confirmed the work on the footbridge was not to do with them and security had not been informed beforehand.

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “Essential survey work on the footbridge is being carried out by a contractor and is scheduled to be completed on Thursday.

“Risk assessments and method statements for working during COVID-19 are in place and have been submitted and approved by the council.

“We visited the site today (Wednesday) to reinforce the rules and protocols to the contractor and remind them of their responsibilities.”


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