ST MARK’S Primary are walking 4000km in May to raise money for a Primary 1 pupil who is receiving lifesaving treatment at the Glasgow Children’s Hospital.

Ace Ward, five, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in January, just the third child at the hospital to be diagnosed with the rare condition.

Ace has been out of hospital for six weeks but is undergoing four blocks of intense chemotherapy, meaning he needs to go to Glasgow twice a week for treatment.

Vicky Ward, Ace’s mum, said: “He’s only five and had only just started P1 so obviously it’s been a horrendous experience but a positive one in terms of the care we’ve received at the hospital.

“The nurses are always asking, ‘how’s your fundraising going?’ They’ve been really amazing and the support has been great from the school and wider community. The point was that Ace wouldn’t be forgotten in class and knew that he was still part of the group.”

The school has also rallied round Ace’s brother, Harrison, 10, and Hallie, eight, who are pupils at the school.

Vicky said: “My other two are quite vulnerable and emotional kids but the teachers have made sure that they’re alright.

“The P1s had a discussion with Ace’s class teacher on what he likes then brought up presents for him to keep busy.

“He’s looking forward to going back to school now whereas before he didn’t really want to go to nursery.”

St Mark’s has raised £2,500 for the hospital and is halfway through completing the 4000km.

Gemma Strain, head teacher, said: “It was a huge shock to us when Ace was diagnosed with leukaemia. Everyone was devastated but we were keen to help the whole family, especially Hallie and Harrison who were still attending school every day.

“With the current climate and people walking as part of their regular exercise we thought it was a good challenge to show we’re all behind Ace.

“We’ve been sending him videos of his classmates and teachers to let him know that although we can’t see him, we’re still with him.”

Ace has even captured the attention of Celtic captain Scott Brown and Rangers manager Steven Gerrard.

The youngster has been invited to meet the players when he completes his last two blocks of treatment.

Vicky said: “When Ace had his hair shaved, he called it the ‘broony’. We put it on Twitter and Scott Brown phoned the charity personally and sent him a signed shirt which said ‘Ace done the broony’. He sent a picture of him holding it up and said they’ll meet soon when we’re allowed out.

“Ace also won a tour of Ibrox in a ward raffle. He’s a Liverpool fan so he asked if he could just meet Gerrard. He’s going to meet him at the training ground when this is over.”

You can donate to Glasgow Children’s Hospital by visiting


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