AN IRVINE woman wants to follow in her mum’s footsteps by becoming a foster carer after being told she can’t have kids.

Jade Bourne, 24, wants to replicate the amazing job her mum Shary Bourne, 48, has done in bringing up a young boy after she and her brother left home.

Now the telesales assistant, who stays with her fiancée, is ready to take the first steps into becoming a foster parent which she hopes will change the life of a child in care.

Jade said: “We always thought we’d have our own kids, but we were both actually very comfortable with the idea of taking a different route to parenthood. Kibble’s IFS works with children and young people between age five and 26 who have been through adversity, and we know this can seem like a big undertaking, especially for people our age. However, we know it will be absolutely worth it if we can change the life of even one child.”

Jade is looking to become a respite carer, which will provide support to a young person whose permanent foster carer needs a break or falls ill.

“It is essentially creating that extended family which many young people in care don’t have experience of,” Jade added.

She is set to embark on training with Kibble Intensive Fostering Service, who estimate that 2,599 children were on the child protection register in Scotland as at July 2019.

And they anticipate an increased requirement for foster parents due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Jade is currently seeking a larger house so she would be able to accommodate a young person, something that her mum has managed the past two years.

Mum Shary, a social worker from Kilwinning, decided to take on a young boy after 20 years working in care sector where saw first hand the positive impact of providing a new loving home for a child in care.

After intense training, she was ready to adopt, and has noticed a difference in the two years since she first met her foster son who she is spending quality time with during lockdown.

Shary said: “ I always knew that I wanted to be a foster carer someday and have a positive impact on a young person who needs a safe and loving home,.

“What I didn’t know was how much of a positive impact that young person would have on me.”

“I am extremely touched that Jade has been inspired to follow in our footsteps and is looking to begin her journey in foster care after lockdown.

“It’s a very proud moment for us.”


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