A CARE home in Kilwinning shared a heart-warming video of a pensioner with dementia, as she contently nursed a new-born doll.

Rena McKinlay, 81, from Saltcoats, has been cared for at Buckreddan Care Centre since last year.

The care home has been providing various activities during the lockdown to keep the residents entertained and looking after the new-born doll has been one of Rena’s personal favourites.

Theresa, a carer at Buckreddan, said: “It was so amazing to watch. Well done to the two carers who were looking after her at the time.

“Rena is such a lovely lady and an absolute character in our care home. She’s also very photogenic and we just love looking after her.

“It’s so important that when we do something like this with our dementia patients, we embrace the moment with them and are in their reality, not ours.

“There is no cure for dementia, but we can certainly try and make it easier for them.”

Last week was Dementia Awareness Week and was a very special time for the care home and their residents.

Theresa told the Times: “I think it’s even more important now in the current circumstances that we all got to see Rena connect with the doll and cuddle it like it was one of her own because we aren’t able to cuddle our families right now.

“It was just fantastic to see Rena so content with the doll and with a big smile on her face.”

Rena has always cared and had a lot of love for her grandchildren, so this was a very positive form of therapy for her. Buckreddan Care home would like to thank Rena’s son Kenny for allowing them to share the touching video for everyone to see.

Sarah Marie McKinlay, wife of grandson Ross McKinlay said: “I think it gives some insight in to where she is at in her dementia.

“Her husband died when she was young, and I think when he was alive, she was most happy.

“I think her mothering instincts kicked in and she was reliving her mothering years. It’s very fortunate that Rena is contented in her own self.

“My husband Ross, Rena’s grandson, and all of the family would like to personally thank all of the carers, nurses and staff at Buckreddan for their care and compassion.”


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