AN IRVINE mum has helped to spread messages of positivity during lockdown by leaving painted pebbles around her neighbourhood.

Andrea Dinning, 37, who stays in Castlepark, has been painting pebbles found on the beach with kind words that she hopes will lift someone’s spirts during difficult times.

The rock painting is a yearly tradition for Andrea’s two daughters aged nine and 18.

But with the coronavirus pandemic threatening people’s mental health, she was determined more than ever to spread the word.

Andrea told the Times: “Me and my kids collect pebbles every year and paint them.

“But this time round with coronavirus, we thought it would be good to share the kind supportive messages.

“We have left positive quotes such as ‘You are Beautiful’ on the pebbles to cheer people up.

Andrea, a full time mum of four, regularly volunteers at foodbanks, and, pre-lockdown, at Eglinton Park.

She is also a member of group Active Kindness, who were on a mission to spread kindness across North Ayrshire to improve resident’s mental health and wellbeing.

Irvine Times: Andrea and her kids have been busy painting the lockdown rocks.Andrea and her kids have been busy painting the lockdown rocks.

As well as painting pebbles, her and her kids have also used chalk to draw messages of thanks and hopscotch for passers-by to play.

She said:“It’s a really difficult time for people, and if they are out on their daily exercise, this might just cheer them up.

“It could be an NHS worker that sees it. Anyone is welcome to pick it up and take it home with them.”


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