A GROUP of kind-hearted kids from Kilwinning spent hours looking after an injured bird.

The youngsters were cycling around Highfield Street when they found the fledgling jackdaw.

The clever kids told an adult, then got the bird into a bucket while awaiting the Scottish SPCA.

A resident told the Times that as the SSPCA officer was busy they had to wait a while so the kids looked after the bird for around five hours.

The SSPCA officer then checked her over the wounded bird, which she confirmed was a female, with an injured wing.

The youngsters were thanked by the SSPCA officer and they decided to name the bird Crawford.

Scottish SPCA have since confirmed the bird was on the mend after the youngsters selfless deeds.

Animal rescue officer Danielle Higgins said: “I was delighted to collect a fledgling jackdaw from a group of conscientious young people who had found it struggling to fly near a river in Kilwinning.

“The bird was very thin and most likely wouldn’t have been able to learn to fly on its own.

“The group kept the bird comfortable and warm until I arrived. They were very patient too as I had been held up at a previous job.

“I’m happy to say the jackdaw is now receiving the care it needs from our expert team.

“It was a pleasure to meet a group of young people so passionate about animal welfare and the work of the Scottish SPCA."


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