An action group fighting for a discount supermarket say their support base has been boosted in the campaign against the council’s refusal.

Sylvia Mallinson said Irvine’s LIDL Action group were delighted to receive a further 28 representations for the store during the lockdown.

This comes after the discount giants appealed planners’ refusal to build the new store in Stanecastle and provide around 40 new jobs.

The Lidl Action Group previously held a packed public meeting back in March with nearly 100 people at the Volunteer Rooms. The group felt their voices were not being listened to.

Resident Sylvia Mallinson said: “We have been told by North Ayrshire Council that our reasons for wanting a Lidl store are not valid. Issues such as the fact the proposal would ease traffic congestion within the town centre are material considerations and should be taken into account.

“We are delighted that more representations are being made for this development. Our friends and neighbours across Irvine know that there is an immediate need for this store at Stanecastle.

“The planners have made a decision based on a Town Centre First Policy in the new Local Development Plan but there are other material planning considerations that we have made which are not being listened to. Things such as the need for a local supermarket like Lidl which is within walking distance and in an area where there are no local supermarkets. Stanecastle Roundabout is well connected with public transport with three buses that pass over Manson Drive frequently.”

Group member John Taylor added: “We will continue to do everything in our power to bring Lidl to Stanecastle. We believe it would give us a foodstore in a convenient location, close to local neighbourhoods whose retail needs aren’t being properly met. Within a 1km radius of the proposed site, there are over 4,000 homes who would benefit hugely from having a local foodstore they can walk to.”


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