A SPATE of thefts and suspicious behaviour has residents across Irvine concerned.

Last week, cars were stolen from Bartonholm and Montgomery Street, with other residents on Carrick Drive and Kilwinning Road capturing would-be thieves on CCTV.

On June 23, a group were spotted trying to break into vans, a motorhome, cars and a house at 3am. Thankfully, they were unsuccessful.

A resident told the Times: “It was scary, as we only bought the motor home on the Friday.

“This is the second time it has happened to us at this house, which is in a good neighbourhood.”

The car stolen from Bartonholm the following night has since been recovered, but investigations are ongoing.

Police Scotland are not connecting this incident with another on Montgomery Street, and a burnt-out vehicle found of Long Drive.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “The car found on Long Drive was a burned out shell. Enquiries are ongoing to confirm that the motor vehicle is the same as that reported stolen from Montgomery Street, however it would appear to be a similar make and model.”

Another resident told the Times: “We need to put these thieves under the microscope, hunt them out and make Irvine too hot for them to come here.

“This is a great supportive community helping each other through COVID-19.

“Life is hard enough for everyone at moment.

“The message to the thieves is get out of Irvine and stop stealing other hard working people’s property.”

Locals with CCTV cameras set up said it looked like the group of bandits tried multiple cars and homes working their way around estates. Thefts from gardens and sheds were also reported.

Anyone with any information should contact the police on 101.


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