AN IRVINE woman will take on a 26-mile charity trek around the town today to raise vital funds for a cancer charity.

Laura Lawler, 44, had planned to do the lake District Mighty hike this month which was unfortunately cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But after having already received donations and with charities all in desperate need for support amid the ongoing lockdown, Laura decided to still walk the 26 miles.

And she decided it was best to do a bit of urban hiking instead around scenic and hopefully sunny Irvine today on Saturday, July 4.

She said: “It was supposed to be a 26-mile hike for Macmillan that I had signed up for.

“In the past couple years I had done a few half marathons but can’t do a full one so thought I would try the hike.

“I had raised the money and I didn’t want to let people down or the charity.

“So wondering what I could do under the circumstances, I thought I would just do it around Irvine.

“Some of the sights might not be as good as you would see at the Lakes but nevermind.

“I’ve been training every weekend so far though had a weekend rest before next Saturday.

“I thought that I would start at the Townhouse and finish at the Townhouse in the circuit.

“The first circuit my husband is doing it with me, then my pal is doing it virtually with me who is down south.

“Then friends are coming along so there’s someone each circuit to get to the 26 miles.

“I’m over £500 in donations, so there is no escaping it now – I need to do it.

“I start at the Townhouse then down over the Baillie bridge way, then along past Rockware glass factory down to the beach out the point, along the harbour, then up the low green, then out to the Moor, then down Kilwinning Road and back to the Townhouse.

“ I thought it would be good to get the beach in as well, but starting at the Townhouse at the war memorial, and it’s easy to meet folk there

“The charity have emailed as well to say they appreciate people still doing it, as obviously right now the charities are really struggling and everything is cancelled.”

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