As we have reached the 100 days of lockdown mark, we asked you to show us the photo that best sums up your lockdown experience.

There is no doubt lockdown has been a struggle for many of us, but the positivity and kindness that has been displayed throughout the community has put a smile on our faces.

Irvine Times: Phemie PatersonPhemie Paterson

From celebrating birthdays in unusual ways and working in unfamiliar circumstances, lockdown has thrown many unexpected challenges our way.

Irvine Times: Dance with V: Teaching dance classes from my living room.Dance with V: Teaching dance classes from my living room.

We have seen parents become teachers for the day and pets have become our co-workers, laying alongside us as we type furiously.

Lockdown has given some of us the chance to relax and others the opportunity to start a new hobby, such a gardening which a lot of people have found very therapeutic.

Irvine Times: Jean Park:-Thank goodness for the garden.Jean Park:-Thank goodness for the garden.

There have been many emotional reunions with our families, grandparents meeting their newborn grandchild through a window and seeing our partners for the first time in months has certainly brought a tear to our eyes.

Irvine Times: Kerry DavidsonKerry Davidson

Although lockdown has been a huge inconvenience to all of our lives, it has also brought many positives that one day we will look back on and be grateful for.

We have had that little bit of extra time to spend with our families, to put our phones down and have quality time with the ones we love the most.

Irvine Times: Shirley Anne Templeton: Meeting our granddaughter for the first time.Shirley Anne Templeton: Meeting our granddaughter for the first time.

Even if some of us have lost our patience with our siblings or had the odd argument or two with almost everyone in the house, there is no one else we would rather be stuck with.

It is those little moments that we will look back on and appreciate the most.

We hope everyone has stayed safe these past few months and enjoy the lockdown gallery.

Irvine Times: Lynsey SmithLynsey Smith