A DAD has taken his fitness achievements to the next level by beating 73 competitors from around the globe to win a

12 hour international virtual race.

Kev Brown, 42, founder of Fit Ayrshire Dads, a group formed to promote men’s physical and mental health throughout Ayrshire, has taken on numerous challenges since starting the site in 2018.

Most recently, the dad-of-two endured a gruelling home-workout challenge during lockdown to thank NHS and key workers for their commitment during the coronavirus pandemic.

But now he has overcome both physical and virtual obstacles to be crowned winner of the Ultra Virus 12 Hour Race 2020, an American endurance event which challenges competitors to complete as many five-mile laps as possible within 12 hours.

Kev said: “My longest run before this was 32 miles and I’d never did anything like this so I wasn’t sure how my body was going to cope.

“I set little mile stones in my head so my first milestone was to beat 32 miles, then 50 miles, then 55 miles as that was the length of the Highland Fling Marathon which was cancelled this year.

“Then my brother predicted 60 and by the end I had time to go out ahead of the guy behind me and seal it so I didn’t have to push too hard.

“I had decided to set up my pit from home and go out and do five miles round Kilwinning and come back to my house. Because of the time difference, I started at 1pm and finished at 1am and managed to do 13 laps so 65 miles.”

The athletic dad was cheered on at the virtual finish line by wife Danielle and his Fit Ayrshire Dads pals who supported him through his latest challenge.

The win was made even more special as Kev went on to celebrate his 42nd birthday the next day.

Kev said: “Danielle had everything ready for me when I came home so a change of clothes and food and drink to reenergise me. A few of my Fit Ayrshire Dads friends also popped out throughout the night to help pace me through a couple of laps.

“My friend Jamie did one with me, then Robert and Mark did the last couple of laps. They really kept my spirits up.

“I’ve never won a race before so to win one like this is huge for me. I turned 42 so to do this at my age keeps me motivated to stay fit.

“It was a real boost to win it.”