Parents and carers are being urged to regularly speak with their children about keeping safe online, healthy relationships and speaking out if anything happens that doesn’t feel right.

While technology can provide hours of education and social opportunities for children and young people, police are warning of ongoing risks it can present.

Locality Policing Inspector Jason Peter said: “The internet can be an excellent resource to learn and to stay connected with family and friends but it is vital that young people know what to do when something isn’t right online.

“ThinkUKnow is the online education programme provided by the National Crime Agency which aims to ensure everyone - parents, professionals, children and young people - have access to practical information designed to help them in making positive choices about their online activity.When something goes wrong or a young person is worried about something online it is important that parents and carers have a calm and open conversation to explore what has happened in an honest and supportive way.

“We understand these conversations can be difficult but the ThinkUKnow website contains a wealth of information to help ensure they keep on track.”