A NEW Mexican snack wagon boss is now set to serve food from a Harbourside pub after being forced off her spot at the Big Idea bridge by council chiefs.

The Harbour Lights stepped in to allow the popular Taste of New Mexico boss to operate after council bosses wouldn’t allow her to operate after granting her planning permission.

We previously reported that the new Mexican food wagon got the greenlight to sit at the Harbourside for three years.

However Robin Weideger, who grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has lived in Irvine for over 20 years, then found the council’s property and management department would not allow her to operate there – despite not being told this when she handed over the money.

Irvine resident Robin Weideger said: “I only found out once there was a problem that planning and the estates department were not one in the same. I never knew I needed a separate department’s permission.

“I traded at the beach park for a month before lockdown and returned when business was instructed it was safe to trade again.

“Two weeks ago I received a letter from physical environment telling me I didn’t have land owner consent and that I would need to move to a place where I did.

“It was explained to me that another vendor was paying a yearly lease and they didn’t want another vendor at the beach park. I contacted the person who sent me the letter asking what could be done and that she would go away and discuss with other council officers what could be done. I feel that information about the vendor should’ve been mentioned to me in the pre planning process other wise I would’ve never gave £401 for nothing

“I’m now trading temporarily within Heatherhouse Industrial Estate. Trying to keep things going. I have had much support and many offers to help.

“It would be more helpful if at least the planning department and land and property worked together. The vendor has a 15,year lease for a large area of the beach park and only uses a small part and is only there part of the time.

“We have had massive support from the local community and beyond and through all of this we are now going to move on to open a takeaway at the Harbour Lights kitchen.”

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council said: “The trader did not approach us, as the landowner, to seek permission to operate the business from the carpark at Irvine beach park.

“Following complaints, we are looking into the matter and are in contact with the trader to try and come to a solution.”