Almost 100 people were arrested in connection with almost 200 crimes in a major police operation across Ayrshire.

Officers involved in Operation Dissolve targeted criminals who were making a profit from illegal activities and recovered over £250,000 worth of property and industrial equipment.

Launched in June, Operation Dissolve saw the police target crimes such as housebreaking, theft, fraud, bogus caller and online scams.

Made up of two teams from departments including local policing, Divisional Violence Reduction Unit and CID, the officers solved 61 thefts of motor vehicles, 26 housebreakings, 48 thefts, 55 acquisitive crimes, and arrested 90 people aged from 14 to 56.

Detective Inspector Ross Black, who heads up the team, said: “As our operation continues we remain

committed to increasing detections.

“We analyse crime trends and use all techniques available to us to focus on where resources should target to ensure we are making the biggest impact in our local communities and stop repeat offending.”

Local police can be contacted on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.