A YOUTH football club have been left devastated after vandals broke into their facilities leaving a trail of destruction.

Irvine Vics 2004s woke up to find their container which they are trying to revamp into changing rooms completely ruined.

The facilities at Burnside Park in Girdle Toll were paid a visit by yobs on Sunday night (September 13) who smashed in doors and had a drinking session with suspected drug packets also found.

Irvine Times:

The club whose players have just been able to return to football after coronavirus halted last season are now left counting the cost with estimated hundreds of pounds worth of damage caused.

Club Secretary and parent of a player Jo Kelly has told how amongst the wreckage are replacement windows after old ones were smashed by vandals.

Irvine Times:

She told the Times: “We just got back to playing football this week then the groundsman has come over this morning and found this.

“They have used a branch from a tree to force the container open. 

“The container is full of wood and raw materials to help us with the project to improve the facilities at Burnside. 

“It’s just devastating, we have been working so hard to improve things. Now we have to go and secure the area again."

Irvine Times:

Damning pictures show the damage to the door and windows smashed inside the container.

In another photo goal posts used for training have been snapped. 

Football training scheduled tonight has now been cancelled as the club appeal for information to find those responsible.

Jo added: “We have had some people message in who say they folk enter the park last night so we will pass that information onto the police.”

Police have confirmed they received a report of vandalism at Burnside Park.