Kilwinning’s big fireworks display has been cancelled this year due to coronavirus – with organisers fearing a rise in antisocial behaviour leading up to the night.

While many options have been considered to keep the big event on the 2020 calendar organisers confirmed the sad news after new restrictions were confirmed.

Kilwinning Community Events posted the announcement on Saturday with organiser and Kilwinning Labour Cllr Donald Reid adding wthat ithout any firm guidance on numbers as things stand, events cannot go ahead on November 5.

He also expressed fears there could be a rise in anti social behaviour and more unorganised fireworks being let off come November 5d.

Organiser and Kilwinning Labour Cllr Donald Reid said: “Everyone loves Kilwinning Fireworks but sadly it looks like any attempt to have a display this year will be thwarted by ongoing restrictions.

“Many options have been considered by the organisers Kilwinning Community Events, however as we have been unable to fundraise we would be struggling to finance an alternative. Some thoughts have been a ‘drive-in’, a display with restricted numbers or a private display streamed on social media

“We appreciate that cancelling the display will be disappointing and the risk of seeing a rise in anti-social behaviour around November 5 will be concerning but as guidance and money stands we are unable to stage a fireworks display which would have been our eighth.”