A PARENT complained of kids’ learning being left disrupted as nursery hour changes led to two seniors being removed six weeks into a new term.

Mums in the Blacklands have since started a petition with education bosses moving senior early years practitioners as part of plans for the provision of 1,140 hours across nurseries in North Ayrshire.

Mum Elaine Thomson said she was told that children would be ‘resilient’ after complaining on the effects on her son after building a bond with the staff members at Blacklands nursery set to be moved.

She said: “Back in January Blacklands were piloting the 1,140 hours for the new model and at that point we were advised just before we were to go through the application for next year they were losing that model and the school would only be open term time and that we would then have to look at using child minders and alternative establishments that would take the blended hours. “For me, it is just uprooting the kids and we’ve already gone through COVID-19 happening. Our [senior EYC] has been taking ownership of learning throughout the lockdown period, we’ve now been informed in October they’re going to take her away.

“It makes no sense you have got the kids used to a teacher and now you’re going to remove them six weeks in. My son has communication issues and doesn’t speak a lot and his main contact has been with her.

“I contacted the council and I was told that the changes need to be made and that the kids are ‘resilient’ and would quickly adapt.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We are moving senior early years practitioners (EYPs) as part of our move to support the provision of 1140 hours across our establishments.

“We have to ensure that all staff are placed in roles that match their contracts. All our senior EYPs are highly qualified and will deliver the same service wherever they are placed.

“A transition programme will take place for any new member of staff to ensure that the children build up confidence with that person.

“This move was to take place in August but in light of the COVID situation and to ensure that children, parents and staff had continuity it was decided that the move would not happen until after the October break.”