IRVINE DJs want to bring iconic Ayrshire spots to life with performances that will bring a new dimension to live music across the county.

Stephen Taggart, 23, is working with DJ Elliot Boyce, 22, and experienced Zisys Events boss Daniel Anderson to bring a new format as they launch ‘Close Contact’

The Irvine Times can exclusively reveal that they’ve already held a pre-recorded set of big tunes in The Maritime Museum.

Their Night in the Museum is just one of their plans inspired from lockdown where Elliot held successful live

sets from his garden in Girdle Toll.

Another set was played at the top of the Dragon at Irvine Beach Park.

The idea will bring the best of Ayrshire’s DJs currently without a club platform to play in together, with plans to bring exclusive live sets at well-loved locations which can be enjoyed at home.

And they plan to have sets recorded and uploaded onto Spotify and Soundcloud

playlists so fans can keep listening to their favourite mixes in dance, house and techno, amongst other genres of music.

Stephen told the Times: “We’re aiming to create a platform for house, dance and techno music in Ayrshire and want to showcase local talent, producers and DJ’s

“Our current project the ‘Iconic Locations Series’ is filmed at unique locations around Scotland to start a dialogue and get people talking about music.

Stephen added: “As cliche as it sounds our goal is to bring people closer through music and create a community where we can laugh, dance and smile together. Once things go back to normal, we plan to run music events.”

The pair have been working together with Elliot Boyce’s own events company EB Events limited.

Elliot said: “Stephen is part of my EB Events limited team and he thought of the idea up.

“We want to film at iconic venues across Ayrshire and bring DJs together.”

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