A COMMUNITY centre has once again come under attack after vandals smashed the windows

Castlepark community builder Sally MacIntyre says around 30 youngsters were around the centre last week with kids climbing on the roof on Tuesday [September 15].

And she added if things didn’t calm down, the centre would never get it back open .

Sally MacIntyre said: “Things just seem to be escalating with the young ones congregating around the centre.

“Marjory and I took a walk round last night and the destruction around the centre was absolutely shocking.

“I have just got a message saying there was about 30 of young ones around centre tonight running about on the roof throwing things around and trying to break windows.

“We will never get the centre reopened if this continues.”

Marjory Dickie, from the Residents Association, previously said: “We as a committee are trying our best to get the centre reopened but vandalism like this is holding it back and causing financial strain on the centre and the volunteers that run it.

“Anybody with information, let us know.”