Music equipment was confiscated by coppers in Kilwinning after a noisy party’s host didn’t turn down their tunes at 3am.

Police removed the noise making equipment last month [Friday, August 28] within Newark, Kilwinning. A man was charged for playing loud music.

Police revealed items belonging to the male were seized and a report submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.

Police added that while people generally turn the noise down if officers are called, on this occasion equipment was seized.

Updating the town’s community councillors last week, Sgt Martin Fraser said: “One person was charged with a section 54 of the Civic Government Scotland Act – something we deal with quite regularly, noisy parties.

“We go out and give the one warning to people if we’ve had a report of noise and generally we find that folk turn the music down and that’s the end of the matter.

“But in this instance they’ve been given a warning and then there has been a second report of it continuing. As well as charging them, the police have managed to seize all his noise-making equipment, which can range from televisions to stereos, iPads, microphones.

“Anything that’s capable of making a noise we can seize – it’s this great power we have but it’s fairly rare.”