NICOLA Sturgeon has told how her dad asks her every night when he can return to Somerset Park to watch Ayr United.

The First Minister revealed her father’s frustrations when she was asked when fans can return to stadiums at FMQs yesterday.

SNP MSP Fulton MacGregor posed the question that the decision to ban fans was “political” rather than scientific.

The Coatbridge and Chryston politician said: “There are numerous suggestions that the decision to exclude football fans from matches was a political decision rather than a scientific one.”

But Ms Sturgeon said she can’t work out what the “political motivation” would be for banning fans before telling of her dad Robin's desperation to get back to see the Honest Men.

Ms Sturgeon said: “I have a father who is on the phone to me every night asking me when he can go and watch Ayr United play again, why he is so desperate I’m not sure.

“People want to get back to normal and the idea that I’ve got any political motivation to prevent that happening is an odd thing to suggest.”