AN IRVINE mum who lost her daughter to suicide last year will be part of an inspiring book that hopes to help others in their darkest moments.

Jenny Copeland has joined a diverse group of people, with a common purpose to share their hard hitting stories of tragedy and triumph.

It comes just a year after her daughter Megan Copeland was found dead in her home, the mental health nurse and former St Matthews Academy pupils was just 20 years old.

The book, Stories of Truth and Triumph is a powerful collection of 15 true stories “not for the feint hearted” which will tackle issues head on.

It was released on Wednesday, September 30 exactly one year since Megan’s tragic death.

Sales of the book will go towards a charity set up in Megan’s name by her devastated mum and family.

The charity has been helping young people and their families who are experiencing mental health challenges and are struggling to access support.

Jenny said: “My beautiful daughter Megan completed her suicide at the age of 20, having suffered seven years of mental health challenges after an unresolved teenage trauma.

“We want to help prevent this outcome for other young people and their families. Megan’s story did not have a happy ending, whereas Stories of Truth and Triumph do, so there is hope.”

Stories of Truth and Triumph is the first of a series of publications, a project founded and inspired by Lisa King, an experienced youth coach who has had experience giving motivational TEDx spotlight speeches.

Lisa said: “The main objective of this publishing project is to help people who are experiencing challenges in life that impact their mental health take the first step towards a better future. The diverse range of stories shared, and the testimony of survival, mean that whatever your current situation, there is always hope. It provides that light of hope.”

She added: “Our desire is to bring hope, inspiration and information to people who have, or are experiencing, some of the most challenging of life’s difficulties that impact on mental health including addiction, abuse, discrimination and to signpost help for those still enduring challenges such as these and many other of societies unspeakable truths.”

Megan’s Space has already helped people through the

coronavirus padnemic who are struggling with their

mental health.

Lisa hopes the book can be an innovative way to help people whilst health services are stretched.

She added: “It is not a replacement for those services, but we hope it will give people extra help and hope.”

Stories of Truth and Triumph is available now on Amazon priced at £12.99.