Unemployed artists are required to help harness young talent across North Ayrshire.

If you are or know an artist either unemployed or under employed then Impact Arts wants to here from you.

The arts charity, based in Bank Street. are looking for 10 artists for its free training programme to harness local talent and build community capacity across the area.

A spokesperson said: “The makers and mentoring programme will train 10 makers/artists from across North Ayrshire, who are currently unemployed or underemployed, in participatory arts practice for over a nine month period.

“After the programme, makers/artists will be equipped with the tools and skills needed to have a viable and sustainable career within participatory and community settings and/or to support the development of a self-employed portfolio careers.

Key benefits are the additional one-to-one professional creative and business Mentoring support offered to each trainee, from skilled and respected Mentors, and access to industry contacts and networks.

The programme runs October 2020 – June 2021, and will be based in venues in West Kilbride.

For more information on the programme just visit www.impactarts.co.uk/content/join-a-project-mamp/