Residents quickly came together to clean up the Celtic club after mindless vandals painted antagonising sectarian graffiti.

Red and blue paint on the pavement and initials ‘RFC’ were discovered painted on Saturday, believed to be in the evening before or early morning.

However Irvine residents from both Old Firm persuasions pulled together to give the club a scrub up after it was being targeted by the offending louts.

A spokesperson for the Vineburgh Community Centre said: “It’s came to our attention that the Celtic club has been vandalised at some point during the night or this morning.

“It’s pretty shameful that in this day and age religion still plays a part in football. So currently we have volunteers heading down to clean it! What an absolutely shameful act to happen within our community.

“This has made me sad this morning. Anyone that’s willing to help please feel free to come along.”

Police Scotland can be contacted with any information on 101, in an emergency always dial 999.