A KILWINNING resident faces charges for repeatedly hosting house parties in breach of coronavirus restrictions – with police visiting the home for the third time.

Kilwinning Locality Police told last week how officers had done all they could in terms of fines and that the householder had now received their “final ticket” last month.

Sgt Martin Fraser said: “There was a person charged with a section 15 of the Coronavirus Scotland Act 2020, so another house party.

“Last month, I said that was an ongoing problem but from September 16 there has not been an issue since then.

“Ourselves and the council have been going to that house, which has been a bit of a problem for us.

“But, as I say, we have not had an issue since then and there is ongoing stuff with the council to deal with the person that lives within that house.

He added: “That individual was reported for the third time for the same offence so they have contiually offended by throwing house parties and they’ve had their final ticket in terms of what we can do for fining them.

“They’ve been reported to the fiscal a couple of times so we’ll wait to see the result of that.”