Kilwinning will see a very different Remembrance Sunday with the usual big parade now cancelled due to coronavirus.

While a small service will be held held to mark the fallen, residents are advised that current uncertainties regarding restrictions will mean the usual big parade to mark the day will have to be called off.

Kilwinning Labour Cllr Donald Reid said: “They are going to hold off doing anything, basically from what I’m told from the leader there is going to be a severe restriction on the numbers attending Remembrance Sunday, similar with the Christmas lights.

Irvine Times:

“Limitations of six people in a group are expected on Remembrance Sunday.

“They’re going to be quite socially-distanced in terms of just a few groups. I will expect there will be more information but just a heads up there will be no parade and no bands and there will be no tea afterwards or anything like that

“It will just be a couple of the Legion people leading a wreath-laying service and a few groups and you might even have to wait out on the street and take a turn. But everyone has to wear a mask so Remembrance Sunday will definitely be a lot different this year from what it has been in the past for Kilwinning.”