Months of problems with overflowing bins has now attracted rats to an Irvine neighbourhood.

As waste has spilled out on to the street of Broomlands, vermin have begun frequenting the area leaving residents exasperated.

Local man Chris Archer said: “I have made over 20 complaints to North Ayrshire Council about their bin situations and now there are goddamn rats as a result of their lack of action.”

The bins on Pladda Terrace are for the East Broomlands flats, and Chris said he has reported the issue every fortnight since the start of the year.

Vandals had set fire to one of the bins, making it impossible to seal from the rats.

Chris told the Times: “They never turn up to empty them when they’re reported and simply leave them for weeks on end until the next collection day three weeks down the line, so these bins look like this the vast majority of the time.”

After raising multiple complaints, Chris contacted the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman, the final stage for complaints about councils.

He said: “After raising formal complaint after formal complaint, eight weeks ago I actually referred the matter to the SPSO because NAC were closing the formal complaints without even acknowledging them.”

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council said: “We are aware that there has been an ongoing issue with bins in Pladda Terrace.

“Our Waste Services team are in contact with the resident about how best to address the issues.

“They are working with other services within the council including Housing Services, the Environmental Enforcement Team and Protective Services to find a long-term sustainable solution.

“In the meantime, bins have been emptied and the area has been cleaned, and we have increased the

collection frequency of the bins to prevent any further build-up.

“Waste Awareness Officers have also visited and lettered residents in the block to advise appropriate use of the bins and replacement

lockable bins have been ordered for those that were fire damaged as a result of vandalism.

“We’ll continue communicating with local residents on the measures being taken to address the issues.”

Chris said: “It’s only taken a year for it to get to this stage and actually have them bother their backsides.”

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