A NEW puppy breeding kennel could be set for Springside if plans are approved.

An application for a dog breeding business to be set up at Springside Terrace – which would keep the pups health at the forefront – was submitted to planning chiefs last week.

The applicant said: “The size of the kennels I am building are what is required by law for the size and weight of the dogs I am looking to breed along with an attached whelping area again required for a breeding business.

“This is going to be a full-time venture and will be carried out over seven days a week. Work will commence at 7am and will be ongoing throughout the day, ending at approximately 10pm when the dogs will be put back into their internal kennels.

“No noisy tasks will be carried out until after 9am and before 8pm. I have decided to build internal kennels at a greater expense but I am aware I am in a built up area so I am trying to limit any issues which could arise with neighbours. The design of the kennels is also to keep the health and wellbeing of the dogs as the foremost thought in this venture.

“Public access to the kennels and grounds will be limited to prearranged times which will be between 10am and 7pm, with only one family at a time being able to visit. This will not affect parking at the property.”