AN IRVINE man who threatened to rape a cop’s mum was caged after lashing out at police and kicking a hole in his ex’s bathroom door.

Robert Meek, 32, was caged for 14 months after previously admitting spitting at police and resisting arrest this year when he appeared before Sheriff Shirley Foran last week [Tuesday, November 3].

Meek, of McDonald Drive, also admitted threatening or abusive behaviour to his former partner back in 2018 before then breaching a court order restricting contact.

The Procurator Fiscal told the court Meek had been in the Crown Inn pub on Irvine’s High Street after midnight on February 29 this year before he had to be ejected from the bar.

While staff told police they did not wish to make a complaint on arrival, Meek began behaving aggressively to officers and repeatedly calling them “w*****s”.

He then struggled with the four officers, tensed his arms and pulled them in front of him while police attempted to apply handcuffs and kicking his legs when being placed inside the vehicle.

Officers then heard Meek make noises that sounded like he was about to spit before spitting on a constable’s face and hand before a spit hood and restraints were applied.

The court heard Meek continued to shout and swear on the way to the police station before telling one constable “I’m going to rape your maw” and “your maw’s a s***.”

The court heard he previously kicked a hole in his former partners bathroom door and calling her a “black b******” before being taken to the station back in March 23, 2018.

He also breached his non-harassment order by sending her a letter from prison and communicated with her on social media between October 7, 2019 and December 27.

Defence solicitor Neil McPherson said Meek was now single, in full employment and there had been no offending since February.

Irvine Times:

While admitting his client’s behaviour would cause ‘eyebrows to be raised’ even in Kilmarnock Sheriff Court, Mr McPherson added: “He is now on his own volition attending addiction services in Stevenston”, and also now taking alcohol blocking

medication under their care.

However Sheriff Foran told Meek he had “spectacularly badly failed”, and describing his behaviour as “reprehensible to put it mildly’.

He received at total of 14 months in prison after his five guilty pleas.