Irvine Running Club members were saddened to learn of the death of Sheena Speirs who was involved in coaching at the club in the late 1970’s until the early 1980’s.

Sheena’s husband, Bill, was head coach at that time and Sheena assisted him with all of the coaching sessions for junior athletes.

The club had a large junior section at that time and Sheena helped to give these young people

complete experience of the sense of achievement and friendships that being part of a running club can provide.

There were coaching sessions and competitive events but just as importantly they had regular parties and discos in the Marress clubhouse celebrating every possible occasion.

Many of the young runners who were at the club during those years will fondly remember their times at the club with Sheena.

She had suffered from Parkinson’s for a number of years but this was well controlled by medication and she continued to have a good quality of life.

Unfortunately, Sheena contracted COVID-19 just a few weeks ago and after a short time in hospital she sadly passed away on Friday, October 30.

Sheena is pictured second from the left in the middle row and Bill is in the centre of the front row.