Residents on a busy stretch of road are appealing for action on the number of lorries using the A737.

Kilwinning residents campaigning for action on Dalry Road met with Police Scotland Chief Superintendent Faroque Hussain on a visit to the town – after Conservative Cllr John Glover previously complained he feared being run down himself while out canvassing.

Dalry Road resident Pauline Mellon told the Times: “From the point of view of most of the residents its the noise, the speed, the vibrations the volume and damage caused to property.

“I would say it has been more noticeable since the bypass – now its just opened up the floodgates. Ultimately they could look at a bypass to continue over to Saltcoats or Stevenston.

“I couldn’t stand it any longer and realised there was so many other people in the same boat. I put letters around and we’ve had 23 people in touch.”

Residents Susan Sturrock added: “I’ve been here for five years and my neighbour has been here for seven and its been an ongoing issue.

“They really need to look at the road to see if its suitable for HGV vehicles.”

The residents appealed for anyone who has had similar problems along the road to get in touch with Transport Scotland to share their concerns.

Chief Superintendent Faroque Hussain said: “We had a number of residents speaking about their concerns with heavy goods vehicles travelling through the area and road safety has always been a local priority for this area.

“It’s a slightly different challenge. I’ll be engaging with the local traffic inspector and see what advice can be given or enforcement activity.”

Cllr Glover previously said: “The tremendous number of complaints I’ve had about heavy lorries. That very narrow pavement I used when I was canvassing – I know I might be described as a Tory but I don’t think I should be knocked down.