A DISHONEST carer who took money and stole cigarettes has been struck off after abusing the trust of residents.

Alaine Roberts had to be removed from the register after the care watchdog found her fitness to practice was impaired after a string of incidents.

Roberts repeatedly bought herself food with a service user’s money as well as stealing cigarettes from around January 29 to February 1, 2019 and failing to provide any change or receipts.

When the same service user gave her money to buy her 80 cigarettes, Roberts only gave her 40 cigarettes and kept 40 for herself, before again taking more of her cigarettes over days.

When the service-user asked where the change from the purchases was, Roberts dishonestly stated “it was in the drawer”.

She also took loans of money from the service user – including £500 in September 2018, then £150 in December, a further loan of around £500, then £80 in January 2019.

Roberts abused another service user, telling him to “hurry up” and that “you only have half an hour and if you are not out of the shower and ready in half an hour, I will leave you” on January 30, 2019.

She repeatedly told him to “shut up” and “stop moaning”, then when he told her he wasn’t moaning but asking to slow down, refuse to wash his back. She then refused to pass him a towel, assist him getting dressed, calling him “a nasty man” ..

While in his presence and as her colleague was assisting him, Roberts said “He can do it himself, he knows how to do this. He’s not daft, he doesn’t need help, I don’t know why we come into him”.

On more than one occasion, she told him to“shut up” and that he “should be doing things for himself” and also called him a “a grumpy old b***er”.

Meeting papers state she also failed to log a report regarding an incident, where it was alleged he slapped Roberts on the face.

She also took incontinence pads from one service user and took them to another resident, contrary to Carewatch’s infection control policy. She also took shortbread and two cans of diet cola from a couple’s home without asking on January 30 2019.

When a colleague shadowing Roberts raised concerns about her practise with her on January 30, she told them they were her clients and not to question it.

During a phone call to the same colleague, Roberts offered to come out and work while under the influence of alcohol, adding “not to tell the office” about this.

The Scottish Social Services Council [SSSC] stated the behaviour and deliberate actions during her job were causes for concern – adding it resulted in financial loss and abuse of trust before Roberts tried to conceal her behaviour. Meeting papers added: “There were no factors in your favour.”

In its ruling, the SSSC panel said: “Service users have the right to expect that they will be treated with dignity and respect, and that social services workers will behave honestly and with integrity.

“You have abused the trust and power placed in you and have caused financial harm to a service user.”

“By keeping some of the items for yourself and lying to the service user about this, you have acted dishonestly, which is a significant breach of one of the fundamental tenets of the profession.”