Irvine will be the location of a world record attempt this week as a local worker, once dubbed “Britain’s Fittest Man”, is due to take on the challenge of cycling on a stationary bike while carrying a heavy rucksack – for four days straight.

William Cannon, employee at Barony Universal located on Riverside Way, will aim to beat the current world record held for stationary cycling in order to raise vital funds for DEBRA, a charity supporting individuals and families affected by the skin condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

And this is not William’s first rodeo. Last month, the 54-year-old from East Renfrewshire also undertook a step box challenge for the charity whereby he stepped on a six inch step box while carrying a 25 pound rucksack for 18 hours.

William is still waiting to hear how he fared, but his latest feat is now his sole focus.

He said: “We’ll be in Irvine for the duration of the world record and we will be raising charity donations for the DEBRA charity in North Ayrshire. Currently we have £1,035 raised and that’s just from donations from colleagues

“I undertook a series of challenges last month starting with the step box challenge and it will end next year when we do three weeks on a stationary bike.

“We were very successful and raised quite a bit of cash for DEBRA. I managed to come out without any injuries even though I did something like 16,098 steps.

“It’s been recorded by the world record company and is on their website. It made me feel really good, it gives you a major lift but what makes you feel better is the fact that you’re attracting a lot of people and donations to the charity.

“The more difficult the challenge, the more the public seem to responder, and dig deeper into their pockets to give more.”

Although the prospect of the upcoming 24-hour, four-day stationary cycle is daunting, William knows first-hand the positive impact a charity like DEBRA can have as his own father previously suffered from a skin condition similar to EB.

Although William plans to use this as his motivation, he may need little extra encouragement, as this is his 620th world record attempt for charity.

He has even been recognised in Parliament for his astounding efforts.

William continued: “I’m connected to DEBRA through my father as he had taken a serious skin disorder a number of years ago. DEBRA staff helped immensely. He’s now got the all clear and no longer has cancer, but watching him go through that gave me the idea to give something back.

“I’ve been doing this for over 20 years so I’m not a stranger to it

“I’ve just learned how to develop a mind-set and handle the endurance that goes with the world record itself.

“ I’m sure my past experience will come to the fore and I should be able to pull it off.

“I feel like I’m uniting people through this world record and showing that, even though we’re in this time of COVID, we can still get out there and do something.”

William will be taking

donations outside Barony Universal, 5 Riverside Way, from Monday, November 30 to Friday, December 4.