A KNIFE-WIELDING gatecrasher locked himself inside someone else’s house and then made threats to kill after he lost his phone.

Ciaran Fisher, 21, admitted locking himself and others in a home in Busbiehead, Girdle Toll this year, pleading guilty to making threats to kill a man with a knife during the “outrageous” incident.

The Procurator Fiscal told the court that a witness was at home on June 26 this year and had invited a friend over for a drink.

Six other people then appeared at the address and the group was asked to leave because the pandemic rules at the time restricted this.

When the group eventually left, Fisher, of Allan Square, Irvine, then entered the house and locked the door.

Fisher then grabbed hold of a knife from the kitchen before then pacing up and down the house with the blade.

An 11-year-old child was upstairs during the incident, with the court hearing at one point Fisher stated he “had blades and knows how to use them.”

After police attended the address, the court heard Fisher had admitted that “his actions may seem intimidating”.

Fisher admitted to one charge of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner with a not guilty plea to another accepted by prosecutors when he returned to court last week [November 27].

Defence solicitor Alex Muir told the court Fisher was 21, lives with his gran and was not currently working due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He explained Fisher had lost his phone when drinking and believed it to be in the house and suffers from ADHD and has mental health issues.

The sheriff told Fisher he was unimpressed with the ‘outrageous’ behaviour, adding it would have been more “simple” if he had just asked someone to “phone his phone”.

Sentencing was deferred for reports with bail continued and Fisher to return in January.