A love-sick jet-skier who risked his life by crossing the Irish Sea in a desperate bid to see his girlfriend has spoken out about what moved him to break COVID-19 restrictions and be jailed for his dramatic water flit.

Dale McLaughlan, of Irvine, appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning, Wednesday, January 6, to speak about his journey to the Isle of Man via water scooter to visit his partner, Jessica.

The 28-year-old was jailed for four weeks for flouting coronavirus law on the trip which he initially believed would only take him four hours.

Speaking from his home in Irvine, Dale was quizzed by GMB presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid about his expedition, with the man saying he took matters into his own hands after "everybody else" was breaking COVID-19 restrictions.

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Detailing the days that led up to the offence, Dale said: “I actually applied to go legally, said no, I pleaded with them, told them I’d do everything possible, anything they required of me, whether that be an extended isolation, any COVID test, and I didn’t even get a reply in an email.

“And at that point I said well, I’ve got to take matters into my own hands.

“Everybody else is breaking it [COVID-19 restrictions] for terrible reasons, want to go out drinking, partying. I wanted to do it for the person I loved.”

Asked by Susanna about the romance that moved him to break the law and face a prison sentence, Dale explained how sparks flew after meeting Jessica in a pub in Douglas in September.

He explained: “I just thought she was beautiful, amazing, then when I got to talk to her, I realised her personality was just phenomenal, she’s always got something funny to say, keeps me on my toes.

“A couple of days later we met again and decided to spend the rest of the week together, get to know each other, and that Friday when I went back on the ferry was one of the hardest things I ever had to do.”

When asked by Piers if he was prepared to risk his life for love, Dale responded: “Yes. What else is there?”

Irvine Times: Dale and partner Jessica speaking on GMB. Credit: Good Morning BritainDale and partner Jessica speaking on GMB. Credit: Good Morning Britain

Partner Jessica also appeared on the breakfast show via video link and said she felt in “disbelief” about the lengths her beau had gone to stage a reunion between the pair.

Positing the question to Jessica, Piers stated: “There’ll be many people who think well, he shouldn’t have done this, shouldn’t have put the Isle of Man at risk in the way that he did and he’s been punished, got a prison sentence.

“But he did it for love, for you. How did that make you feel?”

Jessica replied: “Overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe it. I just thought what’s so special about me that you’d cross the Irish Sea and put your life in danger for me?”

However it seems the woman was none the wiser about his aquatic escapades until she was informed by police on Monday, December 14, even though Dale had entered the isle from the Isle of Whithorn, Dumfriesshire, through the sea route on Friday, December 11, without taking proper permission.

About being in the dark until then, Jessica said: “I thought he was already coming over on the boat... I didn’t know any of this until on the Monday when the police had told me everything that had happened. I didn’t know any of it.

“I felt in disbelief, I couldn’t believe it. I thought there must’ve been a mistake.”

With Dale now released from jail but the couple still over 200 miles apart, Piers asked, had it all been worth it? 

Emphatically, girlfriend Jessica responded: “Absolutely. How can I deny someone coming over on a jet ski and across the Irish Sea and turn it down or not try or hold on?

"I’ve just got to hold on, haven’t I?”