Is there a better way to start the new year than finding that inner motivation to set yourself fitness goals for 2021?

It can be daunting starting your fitness journey with little experience, especially due to the coronavirus pandemic which has forced most accessible local sports and leisure facilities to close.

However, there are still plenty of ways to keep fit safely – even from the comfort of your own home.

Here is our round up of the best ways to start your journey to become the healthiest, happiest and best version of you!

1. Elevate Online with KA Leisure (Online fitness classes)

Although Ayrshire’s very own KA Leisure have face multiple closures since the beginning of the pandemic, they are determined to help everyone with their fitness goals from home.

KA Leisure have teamed up with MoveGB to create a new online membership, which includes access to various live and on-demand fitness classes from their studios.

With over 30 classes available every week, there is definitely something for everyone.

For more information or to view class timetables, click here 

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2. 8fit Workouts and Meal Planner (App: available on Apple and Android)

A huge part of getting fit is knowing what to eat. After all, food is fuel.

The 8fit app is designed to help you create informative choices about your workouts and meals, tailored to each individual and their fitness goals.

Definitely a must-have app to download to help you along the way.

3. 30 Day Fitness at Home (App: available on Apple and Android)

This app is the complete package for beginners who are unsure where to start with home workouts. Free to download from the App Store and ultra-responsive, this fitness app allows you to watch videos of numerous workouts in action and sets 30-day fitness challenges that tackle various areas of the body such as thighs, abs and glutes.

4. Fit Ayrshire Dads (Facebook page)

Keeping on top of your fitness goals can be difficult. Having someone to motivate and inspire you along the way can make all the difference.

Why not join some motivational fitness pages? Fit Ayrshire Dads is a page specifically for men in Ayrshire who are trying to make changes to be fit and healthy.

It provides a space for men to share their success stories, workouts and motivational tips to inspire others.

For more on the group, click here

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5. Qi Gong Yoga Ayrshire (Online classes)

Fitness isn’t just about losing weight or becoming the strongest, it’s about taking time to better both your mind and body.

Take time to relax and find your inner zen by attending one of Qi Gong’s yoga classes via zoom.

There are also a few recorded sessions available for those interested in trying yoga on the Qi Gong YouTube channel.

For more information about registration and class times, click here 

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