An appeal to build a new LIDL store in Irvine has been thown out by councillors after plans were previously refused.

The appeal was heard by the council's Local Review Body [Friday, January 8] after the decision was delayed again last year.

Planning officers previously refused the decision due to  the location not taking a town centre-first approach as stated in NAC's Local Development Plan, while Lidl bosses say no suitable or available sites within the catchment area can accommodate the plans.

Planning officers said the discount giant had shown "no will to deliver site other than proposed Stancastle one" and asking that councillors refuse the appeal. 

During the hearing, issues with the roundabout itself, poor maintenance of surrounding paths and residents having to cross the A78 footbridge were also highlighted by planners as well as fears of local business suffering.

LIDL reiterated Stancastle was the only suitable site for the size of the store and that if approved work would start as soon as possible.

Chair Cllr Tom Marshall proposed that the committee uphold the refusal, while Cllr Robert Foster amended that they grant the application with conditions of traffic calming measures.

However the application was refused by six votes [Cllrs Ian Clarkson, Timothy Billings, Ronnie McNicol, Robert Barr, Donald Reid, Tom Marshall] to three [Cllrs Shaun Macauley, Cristina Larsen and Robert Foster].

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