The identity of a mystery boatman, dubbed Elvis after bringing good cheer as he sang his way up Irvine harbour, has been revealed.

Actor Sean O’Kane, star of late 80s TV show Interceptor, was spotted returning from a fishing trip earlier this month.

Steven Crawford was with his wife on their way to tackle the weekly food shop – masked, socially distanced and ‘disinfected’ – when he took some photographs of the pre-dusk sky.

Steven’s wife had popped into GRO to pick up a coffee while he returned to the car, on Saturday, December 5, when he heard faint singing in the distance.

“Sitting there I could hear singing echoing around, I looked at all the local cars for a driver with loud radio - nothing,” Steven said.

“Next I see a single engine boat, chugging along with the boatman singing at the top of his lungs, ‘glory, glory hallelujah’, with a face mask on!”

Steven said to be sitting in silence only to hear the man belting out a bit of The King put a huge smile on his face.

He said: “In these uncertain times with the pandemic, lockdowns and everyone stressing - this guy was a breathe of fresh air.”

One person commented: “Brilliant, Elvis lives!”

Sean O’Kane, who has worked as a model and stuntman, said: “Scotland could use a plethora of joy in these trying times.

“Small businesses crumbling around us, alcoholism going threw the roof, travel restrictions across the globe and we are leaving this mess to our children’s children.

“Laughter is the best medicine in the world.

“If more of us sing it will bring positive oxytocin to the less fortunate in our society and hopefully build immune systems instead of destroying them.

“I fish almost every chance I get and share my catch with the elderly in our harbour.

“The older members of our community need care too.

“Hopefully [this] story will prompt other fellow Scots to reach out to them.”