An Irvine convenience store has gone viral with a delicious-looking breakfast wrap they have created – all by using the contents of a classic Scottish fry up.

Premier Girdle Toll posted a video of the heart-stopping piece which includes a steak slice, a potato scone, two strips of bacon and a fried egg topped with a good dollop of tomato sauce.

The response from locals was huge with the post amassing over 500 comments and 200 shares as people salivated over the tasty breakfast treat.

Many were even eager to share what would be their breakfast wrap of choice, with one user commenting, "that would be tidy with chicken sausages, bacon medallions and scrambled egg with a wee bit of brown sauce."

"Get the fat off the bacon and switch the egg for black pudding", wrote another.

However many took umbrage to the fact that the shop used a steak slice instead of a slice sausage - the food item largely considered to be a staple of the Scottish fry up.

The Premier store’s breakfast wrap has since went on to be a best seller.