Data released from the Scottish Government has shown how the Covid pandemic has impacted schools and childcare services during the academic 2020/21 academic year so far.

The information shows student and staff attendance and absences, what reasons were provided for absences, the percentage attendance of pupils at each level of education from Primary 1 to S6 and the percentage of childcare services open in Scotland.

Since schools started to reopen on August 11, 2020, data has been collected on pupil attendance and absence, staff absence and schools closed due to coronavirus.

This shows key trends in how the virus has taken its toll on our education system and how it has been affected at each stage.

For example, the data shows that 44.8 per cent of pupils did not attend school on December 22, and 28.6% stated Covid-19 related reasons for this.

Irvine Times:

Secondary school students were the worst impacted, with data showing that only 42.5% of S3 pupils attended school on December 23.

Information was also gathered from 55% of all childcare services, which includes data on attendance, absences and services forced to close from Covid-19. 

Here are 10 charts which show how Covid-19 impacted Scotland's schools

Number of pupils not in school because of Covid-19 related reasons in Scotland

The reasons for pupil absences part 1

The reasons for pupil absences part 2

Percentage of children and young people attending and not attending school/childcare services

Percentage of Attendance in Primary Schools

Percentage of Attendance in Secondary Schools

Number of teaching staff absent from Covid-19

Number of other school staff absent from Covid-19

Number of childcare services closed since August

Percentage of childcare services open

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