The final preparations for the first community shop in Kilwinning are underway at the Woodwynd Hall.

The shop, one of 14 opening throughout North Ayrshire, will be run by the members of ACES, the community group based in the Woodwynd who have been delivering food parcels to families throughout the lockdown.

Colin Young, the man who runs ACES said: “Folk just need a helping hand and since March last year we have been helping people who are self-isolating and shielding.

“We all feel a sense of duty to the Kilwinning community, not just the Woodwynd and this shop will be good for so many families. The Woodwynd Community Shop will help folk who are struggling.

“The idea is they pay a small fee of £3 and they can come and get some shopping from the wee shop.

“We have fridges, store cupboards and we have been approved by environmental health.

“We’re just waiting on the go ahead from North Ayrshire Council and we are ready to open the


“The community shop is not a food bank, it’s really giving folk a helping hand who need it, we have quality food and we can also deliver.

“The reaction on Facebook has been really great and we can’t wait to get open now and make sure the people who need a helping hand in this town get it.”

During the lockdown ACES has been visiting Glasgow’s Fruit Market in the early hours of the morning to pick up fresh fruit and veg to deliver to

households in Kilwinning. The ACES team was also called in by the town’s community hub to help deliver prescriptions to those in the community who couldn’t get out and about.

“We are just supporting the Kilwinning community.” said Colin.