A SEX offender who failed to tell police of a new online account was warned he could face prison if caught breaching his court order again.

Irvine man Alister Niven Goldie was fined £500 after he admitted failing to notify police within three days of a new name and email account he was using – before claiming “he didn’t know” he was supposed to inform cops after previously not telling officers of a new bank card.

Goldie, now of Glencairn Drive, Kilmarnock, was put on the register for three years and placed under supervision in 2017 – after admitting to sexual activity with a girl in his care at two addresses in Irvine on various occasions between July 7, 2014 and March 22, 2016.

When he returned to court last week [Tuesday, January 19] the Procurator Fiscal told the Sheriff Michael Hanlon that Goldie was under supervision and subject to informing officers of his internet use.

The Procurator Fiscal said: “On July 29, 2019 officers were informed during an inquiry the accused was using a separate email.

Irvine Times:

“Officers checked and found he had not registered the email as per his notification requirement. Officers attended his address in an unannounced visit where the accused freely allowed police to check his phone.”

When the officers found the accused using another email address he claimed he was “not aware he was required to do so” before adding “Sorry, I didn’t know”.

Solicitor Simon Brown said his client committed a ‘foolish error’ which occurred when changing net provider.

When Sheriff Hanlon interjected to state informing police of his internet use “seems pretty fundamental”, Mr Brown added it “may have slipped his mind”.

Sheriff Hanlon said: “This is a serious offence – the police can’t monitor you if not given the information. I will take into account that social workers seem to think it a genuine error.”

He fined Goldie £500, adding: “This is the second, if there is a third I suspect custody.”