AN IRVINE cop will be taking on a gruelling special forces-level charity challenge to raise funds for Scotland’s Huntington’s disease charity.

Police constable Guy Jenner, 45, with his son Aidan and brother Robert Henry, will be walking 300km in 360hrs this week while wearing a 45lb backpack.

The trio will competing in the Virtual Special Forces Inverse 360 Challenge to raise money for the Scottish Huntington’s Association – a condition which stops parts of the brain working properly over time.

Whilst there are several ongoing medical trials, there is currently no cure or way to stop the disease.

Constable Jenner said: “My mother-in-law sadly died from Huntington’s disease in 2017. My wife Carolyn Jenner, who was the full-time carer to her mother, took the brave decision to be tested shortly after her mum’s passing.

“Unfortunately, she too has inherited the same faulty gene which means she will get Huntington’s disease at a certain point in her life. The challenge is called the inverse 360, which is basically 300km walk over 360 hours. The highest end one involves wearing the weight backpack.

“It’s arranged by the special forces – so obviously its to replicate what they would go through – I wanted to set something up that was going to be a challenge.

“So far we’ve got £2,395 and we were looking to raise £200 so we’re absolutely over the moon with the way its going so far.

“The countdown starts on January 30 at 6am then we have 360 hours so think that will be to the February 4 at 6am to walk the 300 kilometres with the 45 pound back pack. Although there are three of us doing it, doing it together is going to be pretty much impossible

“I’ve been training for it and there are times when I’ve though have I bitten off more than I can chew – but at the same token I didn’t want to set up a challenge that wasn’t going to be that.

“It was my brother-in-law that saw it first and I though ‘go on’ but then you start walking it and think that’s quite a heavy weight – but I’m sure we’ll get through it.

“Because it’s done virtually we can get it done with social distancing and there are no set parameters, you can walk wherever you want in an around locally.

“I’ve worked out a few routes which will cover 20km a day to achieve within the hours.

For those wishing to donate visit the Justgiving Page here.